BDO ESG Awards 2022

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‘Many congratulations on another successful year of the BDO ESG Awards. Through recognising companies that have pledged to protect our common future, the BDO ESG Awards offer us a powerful opportunity to inspire businesses and the wider community to act as a force for public good. This has become even more critical in a post-pandemic era, where a resilient economic recovery depends on a shift to sustainable practices. ACCA (the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) Hong Kong is more than pleased to be a supporting organisation of this amazing initiative. Together, let’s continue to contribute to a better future for all.’ – Jennifer Tan, Chairman, ACCA Hong Kong

We are extremely pleased to congratulate BDO for successfully establishing the 2022 ESG Awards, and its leadership to demonstrate Hong Kong listed companies’ significant development of carbon neutrality and ESG-related issues.

CFA Institute strongly encourages investment professionals to incorporate material ESG factors in their analyses, as they contribute to better investment decisions. We expect companies to effectively disclose their ESG strategies and performance, as well as the associated risks and opportunities.

Congratulations to all the awardees!

Congratulations on the success of the BDO ESG Awards in 2022. We would also like to congratulate all the award winners on their well-earned achievements!

HKIRA is honored to be one of the supporting organizations of this event and we would like to express our deep appreciation towards the organizer who recognize the efforts of awardees spent in carbon neutrality and ESG.

We look forward to supporting the award ceremony in the years to come.

Our heartiest congratulations to BDO for organising another successful ESG Awards and to all winners for their outstanding achievements.

This is a great platform to recognise Hong Kong-listed companies’ remarkable ESG initiatives and reporting best practices. We applaud the respective Award winners for their strong commitment and leadership in upholding high standards in their long-term sustainability journey, and we look forward to seeing more organisations integrating ESG into their business operations and services.

2021 has seen the negative effects from COVID-19 linger before the worst of the fifth wave hit our economy again. Yet, it is at times like this that true corporate leadership is called for to lead the business out of uncertainty, stay on course to protect the environment and demonstrate care for the communities it serves. I congratulate BDO for the successful organization of 2022 BDO ESG Awards to showcase the best of breed of Hong Kong’s businesses in ESG and to inspire others to emulate their success.

Mike Wong
Chief Executive Officer
The Chamber of Hong Kong Listed Companies

Congratulations to BDO on another success in organising ESG Awards.

Sustainability requires efforts from everyone. In particular, companies must fulfill their shares of action.

The Awards reinforce the drive of sustainability among companies.

Dr Christopher To
The Hong Kong Institute of Directors

A congratulatory message for the BDO ESG Awards 2022

The World Green Organisation is delighted to congratulate BDO for its continuous success in organizing its ESG Awards, where they have acknowledged companies that have made a remarkable contribution in the areas of ESG. It is pleasing to see BDO’s efforts in walking the talk, developing its own ESG report and setting a good example for other companies. The long-standing pandemic is a wake-up call to stay within our planet's limits and fight climate change. Let's work together to elevate the quality of ESG disclosure.