BDO ESG Awards 2018

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I would like to congratulate BDO for successfully concluding their 2021 ESG Awards and showcasing the significant progress listed companies in Hong Kong have made in the area of ESG.

CFA Institute believes consideration of material ESG factors by financial professionals can improve the fundamental analysis they undertake and ultimately the investment choices they make. To do so, companies need to provide timely, consistent, relevant and decision useful disclosures regarding their ESG performance, their strategy and approach, as well as the risks and opportunities.

Congratulations to all the winners for their outstanding achievements!

Mary Leung, CFA, Head, Advocacy APAC, CFA Institute

Congratulations to BDO for successfully organising the BDO ESG Awards 2021 and to all winners for their achievements.

This is a great platform to recognise Hong Kong-listed companies’ remarkable ESG initiatives and reporting best practices, and we applaud all ESG champions in upholding high standards in their long-term sustainability journey.

I congratulate BDO for the successful organising of the BDO ESG Awards 2021, despite the many market challenges in the past year brought by the COVID-19. But the coronavirus situation is precisely a wake-up call to everyone about the importance of respecting and protecting our environment and the public health. So the Awards this year takes on a special meaning. I also congratulate all deserving winners, all of them have risen to the challenges and deliver stellar performance in upholding environmental and social values.

Mike Wong, Chief Executive Officer, The Chamber of Hong Kong Listed Companies

Congratulatory Message for the BDO ESG Awards 2021

A grand campaign to green our plains and hills

Entrusts responsibility to all.

Stakeholder groups deserve address that fills

A world of smoke and fire with care not small.

Morality should reign in practice skills

With humble heart in governance on call.

Endeavours recognised on roll of fame

Resound promoter’s scheme of decent aim.

By Carlye Tsui, CEO, The Hong Kong Institute of Directors
(A poetic tribute in ottava rima of iambic pentameter)

The COVID-19 pandemic has been affecting recently everyone’s life. Despite challenging times, we are glad to see that HK-listed companies have implemented various ESG measures with heightened consciousness. During these unprecedented times, appropriate initiatives should be adopted to help protect against the spread of Covid-19, while at the same time showcasing how to perform well and drive business continuity. We are pleased to see that companies are becoming more aware of the roles of ESG integration and are enhancing their reporting quality, especially with regard to governance, risk management, target-setting and transparency. Thanks to BDO for its continuous efforts in ESG engagement which has attracted more local and international companies to value the sustainability bandwagon.

Dr William Yu, CEO, World Green Organisation