BDO ESG Awards 2018

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Application Form

Important Notes

  • Each submission will be considered for all 4 award categories including the Best in ESG Awards, the Best in Reporting Awards, the ESG Report of the Year Awards and the Theme Award by the judging panel. The applicant does not need to choose the award category.
  • Companies that are engaged in Technology Industry or companies that can demonstrate technological advancement deployed in the business models and operations are eligible to compete for ‘ESG Report of the Year (Technology)’, please tick for completing the award in the application form. Submissions with no tick in this field will not be assessed.
  • The judging panel will only assess ESG reports from 2019 published by companies whose financial year-end date is on 1 July 2019 to 30 June 2020 inclusive.
  • Duplicated entries will be counted as one submission and only the most recent submission will be processed.
  • Submission cut-off time is 11:59pm on 8 November 2020. Late submissions will not be accepted. Submissions with incomplete information and/or required material will not be assessed.
  • Please submit information based on the latest annual report published between 1 July 2019 and 30 June 2020 inclusive and from the HKEX’s Price and Market Capitalisation Graph page as at your company’s application submission date. Should the date fall on a public holiday, please use data on the last working day before your submission date.
  • In case of dispute, the decision of the Organiser is final.

Please fill in the following information

* Personal data collected will be used for the purpose of communication with the Contact Person on matters relating to the Awards only

Awards Candidate's Information

*Please provide your market capitalisation figure, as shown on HKEX’s Price and Market Capitalisation Graph, as at your application submission date, and screen capture the figure as one of your supporting documents uploaded below.

Contact Person's Information

* Please provide information of the person whom all future correspondence about the Awards will be sent.

*If you are a third-party nominating a company for the Awards, a consent letter, with signature and company chop, showing acceptance of your nomination by the Awards Candidate is required.

Please download the letter template here.

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Accepted Formats: .pdf

* Please point out how you performed well in the areas of Environment, Employment & Labour Practices, Operational Practices and Community Investment. You can refer to the Judging Criteria for details. (Max 500 words)

* Please point out how your ESG report excelled in the areas of Report Credibility, Materiality, Governance and Report Framework. You can refer to the Judging Criteria for details. (Max 500 words)

* Please point out how you performed well in the areas of Governance, innovation Approach, Environmental Value Creation, Social Value Creation and Innovation. You can refer to the Judging Criteria for details. (Max 500 words)

* Please state the nature and extent of the technological advancement deployed in your business model, and upload relevant supporting documents to prove your eligibility of this Award below. (Max 500 words)

Please upload your ESG report, screen capture of market capitalisation and/or other supporting documents. Max 30MB.

* If your ESG report is combined with your annual report, please extract it before uploading.

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Accepted Formats: .pdf