BDO ESG Awards 2018

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Award Categories

The top 3 companies from each of the large market capitalisation, middle market capitalisation, small market capitalisation of Main Board companies as well as companies from the GEM will be selected as winners of the two award categories respectively - Best in ESG Award and Best in Reporting Award. The top company from each of the company scale will be selected as winners of the ESG Report of the Year Award.

Best in ESG Awards
Best in Reporting Awards
ESG Report of the Year Awards

The top company from technology industry or demonstrating technological advancement deployed in its business model and operation will be selected as the winner of the ESG Report of the Year (Technology) Award.

ESG Report of the Year (Technology) Award

The top company among all with outstanding ESG performance under COVID-19 will be selected as the winner of the Theme Award.

Theme Award

Judging Criteria

Best in ESG Awards

Subject areas Aspects
Environment (25%)
  • Emissions Control
  • Use of Resources
  • Environment and Natural Resources
Employment & Labour Practices (25%)
  • Employment Benefits and Welfare
  • Health and Safety
  • Development and Training
  • Labour Standards
Operational Practices (25%)
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Product Responsibility
  • Anti-corruption
Community Investment (25%)
  • Policies on Community Engagement
  • Areas of Contribution
  • Resources Contributed

Best in Reporting Awards

Subject areas Aspects
Assurance (25%)
  • Assurance (Whole report)
  • Assurance (partial)
Materiality Assessment (25%)
  • ESG issues highlighted and corresponding measures described
  • Stakeholder engagement (with detailed descriptions about the mechanism and frequency)
ESG Governance (25%)
  • ESG steering committee/Role and responsibility of the Board/Governance mechanism
  • Identification of ESG risks and developed corresponding strategy
  • Linking ESG strategy with Sustainable Development Goals
Reporting (25%)
  • Channel for reporting the ESG results covering social media and enabling instant feedback capturing
  • Mechanism for evaluating readers’ feedback for future ESG strategy revision
  • Application of international standard (such as GRI, AA1000, SA8000, etc.)
  • Deployment of Impact Reporting

ESG Report of the Year Awards

Companies that performed best in both ‘Best in ESG’ and ‘Best in Reporting’ categories will be awarded ‘ESG Report of the Year.’

ESG Report of the Year (Technology) Award

Companies that are in technology industry or companies that can demonstrate technological advancement deployed in the business models and operations are eligible to compete for this award.

Theme Award

Subject areas Aspects
Governance (25%)
  • Strategy and board oversight
Innovation Approach (30%)
  • Design concept
  • Originality
  • Development
Environmental value creation (15%)
  • Environmental Protection
Social value creation (21%)
  • Stakeholder Consideration
  • Product and/or Service
Innovation (9%)
  • Beyond expectation